How To Cancel A Subscription For Something You Bought on Clickbank (Easy!) – For both subscriptions and memberships

How To Cancel A Subscription For Something You Bought on Clickbank (Easy!) – For both subscriptions and memberships

This is just a quick short guide, incase you have problems using Clickbank’s cancel subscription process!

Clickbank sell thousands of products a day (mostly ebooks or courses). They are all digital, and a large percent are actually monthly subscriptions or trials that will ‘rebill’ a few days later for something much higher than the original sale price ($1 5 day trials will often rebill in 5 days at over $100!)

Luckily cancelling is easy, but I recommend you cancel a couple of days before the trial ends as for some reason cancelling isn’t instant. You have to wait for them to reply to you!

First, get your order number

When you purchase something you get an email like the following. Take note of the order number:

A screenshot from our order number when we bought Google Sniper 3. (Review coming soon!). Obviously we have blurred out our order number

Don’t have your order number?

If you don’t have that email you can still find it out. It will be on some bank statements, or the paypal invoice.

They have more details about how to find it on their site – go here and click ‘Find order #’

Now you have your order number:

Go here and enter your order number. You will then have to enter another bit of information to verify it is you – I just entered my email address.

You will then be shown a summary page. Click the Get Support button:

Click Get Support

On the next page you will see something like this. Select the cancel subscription or membership option:

Select Cancel Subscription or Membership option

And all done!


A couple of days later you’ll get an email like this:

The confirmation email 2 days later

And all is done. Clickbank are actually pretty good at handling any problems you have (they are SUPER easy to get a refund with. If you buy a crappy product via Clickbank and want a refund you can almost always get it, no questions asked.)

If you want to find out what internet marketing/affiliate marketing ebook/course products (‘make money on the internet’) are decent then join our newsletter. Our website NEVER has affiliate links (we don’t make money by telling you to buy some course or ebook on our website, so our reviews are genuine and legit). Or follow us on twitter! We give no bullsh**t tips/advice to internet marketing related topics. We don’t try and sell you anything, just give expert independent advice!

Google Sniper 3 – Is it really able to do what it claims…? We bought and reviewed it!

Google Sniper 3 – Is it really able to do what it claims…? We bought and reviewed it!

Google Sniper 3, or “gsniper” as it goes by (I assume to avoid trademark issues) is the 3rd version of a long running and for some reason popular product that claims to show you how to make money with websites.

I decided to check it out – I purchased it via Clickbank and saw what it had to offer.

tl;dr summary:

  • I purchased it ($1!) [This review has no affiliate links. I’m not trying to sell you anything here, we give independent no bulls**t advice on this blog.
  • When you sign up they try and upsell you various packages, but you can genuinely buy it for $1 (5 day trial) – just remember to cancel in time!
  • For me: It is ok, some great tips and advice, but mostly outdated. They spend more effort on creating flashy videos than up to date content IMO
  • For a newbie: It is probably full of advice they can use. If you are very new to internet marketing/affiliate marketing you will learn a lot. But you can also learn a lot from free blogs/etc.
  • Overall: A bit overrated and outdated (SEO-wise), but not awful. Read on to see why:

From The Sales Page: What is it?

Website screenshot and some ‘3d box art’

Just from the sales page I honestly have almost no idea what it is. The sales page is a video that you are forced to watch before you even see any purchase buttons. The general idea is he has a method to bring in $1000’s every month. Not really sure how, but this is a review – So, time to buy it.

I recorded a video of the payment process, but I think for now I won’t upload it (it isn’t very exciting watching me go through the sign up process). Maybe if there is demand I can upload it.

Luckily I found a link to buy it for $1 for 5 days access (see our tips before you buy), but it gave full access.

(I found it by chance on a youtube video that was promoting it with his affiliate link. I won’t link to it, or it’ll look like a sneaky way to promote my own link or something. I probably gave some guy 50% commission on $1. Hope he doesn’t spend it all at once…)

The payment process

The payment process was easy. I selected to pay via Paypal.

The basic price is $47 – but I found a link for $1 for a 5 day trial

The final cost for me in GBP was £0.83. After 5 days it is set to rebill at £46.08 ($71.60!). [But I cancelled before it rebilled]

Once you commit to buy it they offer you about 3 or 4 upsells.

They try and sell upsells that start at $187 (“elite upgrade”), $97 (“Elite upgrade downsell”, when you declined the $187 price), $97 for a case study upgrade.

Each upsell has a video, but I didn’t even bother to watch the videos, I just clicked the ‘decline’ links at the bottom of each page. It is a bit annoying, but it might have been a bit over the top because I only paid $1…

N.B. This review is just for the basic package. None of the Elite Upgrade etc. I have no idea what they are like!

The Members Area

Ok, so soon I am in the members area. There are 6 items on the main navigation menu:

  1. START – introduction video
  2. GOOGLE SNIPER COURSE – this is the main product, and where they tell you their Sniper tactics. Most of my review will focus on this. It is split into 4 sections (‘modules’).
    1. The first section (‘google sniper master manual’) appears to be mostly Google Sniper v1 and focuses on how to create sites that get high in google and make money.
    2. The second section (‘bulletproofing module’) is extra material that is more relevant to 2015, but still focusing on websites and how to get more traffic + sales. I believe this is Google Sniper v2.
    3. The third section (’empire module’) is about how to expand your ‘business’ – by giving you a guide on outsourcing. A very good primer into how to hire people for outsourcing if you have never done it before, but there is nothing really related to internet marketing in this section
    4. The fourth section (‘additional training’) covers additional topics, including how to build up backlinks, more tips on conversion rates, advanced keyword research, how to use other affiliate networks (not just clickbank)
  3. SNIPER X TRAINING – this is apparently a VIP area, where they “bring you the most cutting edge money making strategies each month plus your 1 on 1 training via the bi-weekly VIP webinars”. When buying Google Sniper i selected the option without Sniper X Training, but got it included anyway.
  4. SNIPER CASH MACHINE – a page where they try and get you to promote their own site ( as an affiliate, and make commission. Not anything interesting here.
  5. ROLODEX – for links to recommended companies for hosting, outsourcing etc. Nothing that interesting here either.
  6. SUPPORT – for technical support and a glossary.

It is very apparent that there are many videos in the members area. If that is a good or bad thing, well, I’ll let you decide. I prefer texts to read (PDFs etc), as they are much faster to consume. If you like videos that will be a bonus for you. But, like I said, I like to read PDFs more than sit and watch videos.

Google Sniper Review – Members Area – the first page you hit once in the members area

I have to admit, I’ve not really watched many of the videos. Because luckily there is a 108 page PDF that I can read…

(They don’t actually even put this PDF behind a members only area. It is a link on amazon s3. I won’t be sharing that URL, and will blank it out in the video if i upload that!)

So… what is this ‘sniper’ thing?

In case you have still been wondering what this ‘sniper’ thing is about, he describes it on page 6 of the PDF:

“Okay. So what on earth is a “sniper” anyway?
Well, I’m not in the armed forces or anything. No, I’m a Google Sniper.

I ‘zoom in’ on a niche within a niche, target a very specific subject and build a tiny 2- 3 hour ‘website’ dedicated to it. I target these markets and optimize my ‘sniper’ websites with such precision, that Google is almost forced into giving me a high ranking… Meaning lots and lots of people will visit it. Free of charge.

I don’t try to create large 200 page so-called authority websites which take months of work to setup like everybody else (although I do have a couple), instead I create smaller individual sites. Sometimes they are even multiple sites within the same niche/market. It’s a unique approach.”

But basically it is just a method for setting up websites, getting them in Google and getting high conversion rates so people buy the products you are promoting. It provides MANY videos, and a 108 page PDF. 

He also goes on to claim “You do not need any technical knowledge at this point, you won’t be doing any ‘coding’ or anything like that- And each site or campaign, is only going to take you a few hours to setup” – so that can be handy if you don’t have technical knowledge.

(I don’t think its fair for me to tell the ‘secrets’ in the course, after all this is some guys work. But I think its ok and fair enough to give a broad outline of what is contained in Google Sniper 3)

Some things to note:

I originally wrote this whole article as I explored the members area and read the content. Now i’ve read everything on the site and have a better idea about it all, let me give you a summary:

  • This is the third version of ‘Google Sniper’
  • There are 3 ‘modules’ in the main Google Sniper part of the members area:
    • The first (“Google Sniper Master Manual”) is quite outdated, I am pretty sure this must be a slightly updated version of Google Sniper v1. It deals with how to set up a site, how to choose a niche, how to get (some) traffic/rankings. The SEO tips are not current tips though… they apply to methods used years ago!!
    • The second (“Bulletproof”) must be version 2 of Google Sniper. More useful and more up to date tips and tricks. Still feels dated in some areas.
    • The third module (which i can only assume is G Sniper v3) is all about outsourcing to expand you online ‘business’. Some good tips for people who have never outsourced online before. Not much to do with websites in this module really
  • Then there are the few extra sections in the site.

The next part of the review is going to go over everything you get in the members area:

The First Google Sniper Module – Google Sniper Master Manual:

The first section/module for the main Google Sniper course has videos and a PDF file. They are both basically the same content. I prefer to read than watch videos, so here are my notes as I read the PDF.

I’m not revealing any of his actual tips/secrets/methods, just an overview of what you can expect:

  • Introduction and Chapter 1:
    • He goes for high traffic, high revenue sites. Claims that 85% of the sites he sets up is successful (which he says is making over $300 a month)
    • 8 parts to the course – from finding a niche, creating the site (domain/wordpress/plugins), explaining how to write content that converts (preselling), SEO, how to handle your affiliate links (where to put them, how to cloak them, what to say in them), a full step-by-step blueprint for creating a site from start to finish, how to get backlinks and how to get your site indexed in search engines, and lastly how to turn all this into a 6 figure business.
    • It links to articles from 2008 in the PDF, and when I checked them out the links are actually dead. In the SEO world anything older than a year or two is ancient news. I know this is Google Sniper version 3, but I am not sure right now how much is ‘new’ for version 3. [I’ve never read the previous versions]
    • I checked a search term he shows his site is #1 for. It is still #1 on Google and looks like there were (at one point!) plenty of other sites that were trying to rank for it, so that gives some credibility to GSniper.
    • I am only on page 23 of the pdf, but there is a lot of talk about Clickbank, and not much of other affiliate networks.
      • (Not that this is a bad thing, just interesting that he doesn’t talk about other affiliate networks (yet?))
    • The previous section mostly dealt with choosing a niche. It was good advice for newbies who are just starting. Doesn’t mention any modern (from the last few years) tools/websites though.
  • Next section (page 30-40) is all about setting up wordpress.
    • I’m skipping this. You can find out how to install WordPress in a million other places.
  • I am now on “Chapter Three: Secrets of a 20% Conversion Rate – Creating a Killer Presell Story and Writing the Content”. This does sound more interesting than the previous two chapters:
    • Quote: “Welcome to what will be a long but absolutely essential chapter. While chapter two was very practical in nature: do this do that. Chapter three is going to be quite theoretical, although I’ll try to make it as practical as I can by giving you examples along the way. Skip this chapter at your peril because creating good content and preselling your visitors properly will mean the difference between $50 a month from a sniper site and $300 a month. Many marketers ask how I make so much money from some sites which have so few visitors, well, this is how.”
    • He shows screenshots from the month of Jan 09 (showing his good conversion rate). They are good rates, but it is 2015 now. 6 years online is very long!
    • In fact the next paragraph he admits that with FTC regulations he can’t get the same conversion rates anymore! hah!
    • Big section on building a personality on your websites. Decent info, worth reading.
    • The next part, on choosing a WordPress theme. Its ok (its more about choosing a theme that will work with your site/what you’re promoting), but (like everything so far) a bit dated
      • (it talks about the blue wordpress theme that came with a default installation of WP. I am pretty sure that was the default theme in around 2009/2010 … Now they’re white-ish themes that come by default. But that isn’t really a big deal. I get a feeling that for each of the G Sniper versions (v1/2/3) he updates as needed). He goes on to discuss the ‘Rich jerks e-book’. That brings back some memories. That must have been nearly 10 years ago now?
    • The WordPress themes he recommends are very outdated. They are not responsive (which you need nowadays for mobile users. Google won’t send as much traffic to non mobile friendly websites). But, the rest of the advice in this section is good.
  • I am now on “Chapter Four: Setting Up your Site for Google Domination“. He now assumes you have your website set up, selected a niche, etc, and are now ready to appear high in Google search results. Some noteworthy things:
    • His sites typically have around 3 posts, plus About/Contact/Privacy Policy pages (and a ‘helpful article’ – not sure what that is at this point). Very tiny sites indeed! (note to self: this is not really ideal for ranking in google in 2015!)
    • He starts to talk about LSI keywords, which might be a bit technical for newbies right now, but he promises to explain later in the document.
    • Lots of SEO advice. I’ve been doing SEO for years, not much for me here, but if you are new to it you would learn a fair bit here. Even tactics from years ago still work (some!). Some of his advice I would argue with, but nothing in the SEO world is a definite truth. (Only google knows…). You’d learn more by reading everything on sites like moz or
    • Now talks about installing some wordpress plugins. Nothing exciting here.
  • Now I am onto the 5th chapter – “Chapter Five: Affiliate Links & Maximising Conversions”
    • Good advice/selection of tips about where to put links (to increase sales/conversion rates). I want to reveal some of them here, but can’t really share his product’s details… This sort of advice/tips doesn’t seem so dated.
    • Discusses cloaking affiliate links. Solid advice, even if it is quite basic :). A LOT of affiliate websites don’t bother to do this (but they should), and it does help with conversion rates.
  • 6th Chapter – now it is basically a blue print to creating a site from scratch. I think it basically condenses the previous 5 chapters into something you can literally do step by step. A lot of this is repeated from previous chapters, but could be handy for people who prefer a step by step thing. Still feels like useless fluff in the pdf though.
    • Now he is talking about getting some links, and using social bookmarking. I’m not sure I’d agree at all that in 2015 that is a worthwhile choice (Google is much wiser to these things now than it was a few years ago…)
  • “Chapter Seven: Getting Ranked and Gaining Authority in Record Time”
    • He claims: “If I’m completely honest with you, this chapter isn’t an essential one. But it does help to speed up the whole process (gets you on Google faster) and will give your rankings on Google a slight boost from the backlinks we’re going to gain.”. I would argue that getting ranked in google is very essential! But maybe he just means its not essential to do it fast (??)
    • Ok, it is really showing its age now – he talks about Digg, and technorati. Haha! And uses the phrase ‘web2.0’.
    • Talks about making some certain types of content, and getting views to that content. I won’t go into detail. Decent content/advice
    • He talks about a product on Clickbank, and has this advice: “Tip: Use your own Clickbank affiliate link and save 50% of the sale”… hmm..! At least he is being honest haha!
  • Final chapter: “Chapter Eight: Scaling your Sniper Site into a $10,000 a Month Business
    • Basically a motivation speech, saying stick with it etc. Its true, but not really advice worth paying for! It is only a small chapter to end the PDF file off with.

Overall there were some decent things in the main PDF. I didn’t personally feel I learned much, but I’ve been doing this for years (maybe I should write my own ebook!) – but if you are new to affiliate marketing you’ll learn some good tricks (I would say if you have never made an affiliate sale, or make under a few hundred dollars a month with affiliate sales you would learn something).

If this was 10 years ago you’d learn a lot. But it is 2015 now…

Second Section: “The Google Sniper Bulletproof Manual (Stage 2)”

I mentioned a few times that the main PDF felt a bit dated at times. Well they seemed to have realised this, and added a ‘stage 2’ (which must be Google Sniper v2?). This is a 18 minute video along with a 9mb 60-page PDF, and he makes it clear that you must do the previous steps (i.e. the previous PDF i explained) first.

I’ll do the same as last time – I’ll read it and give notes as I go through, but I won’t reveal his secrets/magic!

  • Just from the introduction this is feeling a LOT more up to date, and less spammy. I believe this is the product from Google Sniper v2.
  • I’m in fact going to edit a lot of previous comments saying how it was outdated SEO advice. The first PDF document/videos were clearly just from GSniper v1, and now I am on the more updated documents. (Really he should rewrite it all from scratch and just provide one PDF in my opinion!)
  • Quote:
    • “We’ll talk about branding, finding niches, traffic generation, long term marketing plans which can be set up in little time, plus other ways to monetize your sniper sites.”
  • Some decent new tips on finding niches, that were not mentioned in the previous PDF
  • Still focuses a only on Clickbank and not other affiliate networks
  • Has ‘Hot Tips‘ sections throughout the PDF which are good tips and work well in 2015.
  • Big section on how to create content, and some SEO tips (which are a bit more up to date than in the previous PDF)
  • Recommends a “decent” WP Plugin – I can’t say I’ve ever heard of it myself before today, and a Google search doesn’t show the plugin on
  • Discusses outsourcing content creation. Also discusses Digg, so is still outdated!
  • Next big section is on branding. I would say it is related to the bit about having personality in the previous PDF, but still decent advice.
  • Talks about the importance of social networks, and having profiles on social networking sites for your websites. In 2015 this is solid advice.
  • It also starts talking about (buying) ads, but only for a page or two. There is much more that could be written about ad buying and it is a shame that he only touched on it.
  • Also lists half a dozen extra ways to monetise your website.

This PDF was shorter, but the advice was more up to date. Now I’ll check out the next section:

The 3rd section of the Google Sniper Course: “Empire Module” (outsourcing):

Screenshot from the members area

Ok, so I am going to assume this is the ‘version 3’ part of G-Sniper v3. There are seven videos, and unfortunately for me no PDF to go along with it. The previous two sections had the same sort of content in both the PDF and the videos, so I could just read the PDFs. But… I’ll watch these videos…

  • Video 1: 9 minute introduction – Explaining how the empire module will show how to grow from a small part time income stream to a full time job equivalent.
  • Video 2: Introduction about outsourcing –Good advice, but a lot of fluff and waffle.
  • Video 3: How to find people to do your work for you. How to find the perfect person to build your sites for you. Includes his secrets to finding the best people, and shows some examples of finding people on various sites
  • Video 4: Negotiating with potential people to hire – a much shorter video, but about how to choose and start working with someone. (The previous steps might have resulted in many potential people to hire)
  • Video 5: Tips with working with people you hire, and how to delegate  – some decent tips, but a lot of waffle
  • Video 6: Learning how to review and check the progress of the work completed by
    the people you hire.

These videos could be summarised in a few pages of a PDF, but there is good advice. His basic argument is if you are making money by making these so called ‘sniper sites’, then you should outsource it and do it 10, 100, 1000 times to make more money.

I would say this isn’t as full of any good info like the previous two sections, but it is a great introduction if you have never outsourced work online before.

The fourth section (‘additional training’):

I still haven’t gone through all the sections from the main Google Sniper part of the site. The final section is called “Additional training”.

Google Sniper – Additional Training (from members area)

I’m not going to go into too much detail at all about this section, but I wasn’t too impressed. The content here is quite old (Google looks ancient, and I think I spotted a copyright date on Google of 2009…). It discusses using services from Digital Point, buying links etc. This isn’t good SEO practice in 2015… It is probably worth watching if you are a newbie to IM or running sites, but it isn’t something to be too worried about watching.

Other ‘bonus’ content

  • I’ve mostly focused on the .pdf files, but there are also videos (which i’ve mentioned) plus webinars/webinar archives.

Other bonuses in Google Sniper (screenshot from their members area)

The Webinars

There appears to be weekly webinars, but I couldn’t access them. I watched the webinar archives though and they seemed decent enough. They seem to all be around 1 hour long, and in all honesty I didn’t have the spare 10 hours to watch them all. But in my defence, I don’t think people will join a site like this to watch webinar archives! 😉


Hmm. What kind of affiliate marketer are you:

  • Never made a sale/know nothing about SEO? Don’t know how to set up a website?
    •  You will learn a lot and the basics are explained well
  • Make a few affiliate sales a month, but not sure really why or how/not sure about SEO?
    • You will also learn stuff (the section on preselling and getting conversion rates will help you a lot probably)
  • Make more than a few sales a month/know SEO?
    • I’m not sure you would learn much. This seems to be more aimed at newbies.

I do believe newbies would be able to absorb the information in Google Sniper, apply it (make websites as he describes) and get ranking in Google and make sales. I’m doubtful about the $10,000 a month, but hey, no one is going to bring out an internet marketing course and say you can make $100-500!

It has TONS of videos (I didn’t even watch half, because there were so many). I can’t really complain about the quantity of them. I did find they waffle a bit and don’t get straight to the point, but there is solid information in them.

If you like videos you will probably enjoy it more than i did.

Is it a scam? No! 

Is it a bit outdated? Yes! Definitely !

I would recommend this to a friend if they were thinking of making their first affiliate sale and wanted to buy an ebook/video course* I believe you could easily find all the information on the web (on blog posts, forums etc), but if you want it in one easy to digest website then it would be handy.

* but only if they pay $1, not the $47+ price!!!!

I would not recommend it to anyone who knows what they’re doing with affiliate marketing or SEO. It is good for beginners only really. Unless you find a link for $1, then go for it!

How To Cancel Google Sniper?

1 days access was enough for me. Cancelling was easy – the payment was done with Paypal through Clickbank. Clickbank are always known for being easy to cancel or even get a full refund.

But, cancel a few days before the 5 day trial is up, as you have to wait for Clickbanks support team to email you back. I’m not sure what happens if you cancel on the 4th day and if they take more than a day to respond.


  • – Main homepage
  • – JV page (info for people who want to promote it)

About this review:

The views are just my own. I paid for membership, and reviewed it objectively. I wasn’t paid for this review, and I make no commission if you join Google Sniper. (The only link was a couple of paragraphs above, and has no affiliate link in it at all)

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Welcome To Our Relaunched Site!

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About The IM Product Geeks & Digital Products DB

Welcome to our site!

About us – The IM Product Geeks

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  • Review sites that magically review everything at 10/10 and recommend you buy whatever they are reviewing (and i’m sure the fact they can get $100+ in commission if you buy it has nothing to do with the great review score…)
  • “$$PRODUCT NAME$$ is a scam! Don’t buy until you read this!” websites. Ever read those? At the end they try and sell you whatever they originally claimed was a scam and you shouldn’t buy. Again… because of the big commissions they can get from it
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We both have years and years of experience with making money on the internet – mostly through affiliate marketing (which is slightly different than ‘internet marketing’, as internet marketing types love to deal with with things like sales funnels, email marketing etc.). We both have a background with programming/website development, but try and write on this website without getting too technical so it is easy to understand.

BTW – one thing we both strongly feel – internet marketing isn’t for people who don’t know how to run websites. If you don’t know what HTML, CSS, FTP, JS, jQuery, domains, wholesale jerseys name servers, dns, and know about etc are then take a basic course on setting up websites. It’ll help you SO much more. fake oakleys Then you can do exactly what you want, rather than having to google everything or find a message board and ask people ‘how do i change xxx on yyy?’… But maybe we’ll make a blog post about that one day.

About our site – Digital Products DB

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