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About us – The IM Product Geeks

We are two guys who are fed up of seeing the same crap on every site that deal ray ban sunglasses sale with internet marketing products. We are talking about:

  • Review sites that magically review everything at 10/10 and recommend you buy whatever they are reviewing (and i’m sure the fact they can get $100+ in commission if you buy it has nothing to do with the great review score…)
  • “$$PRODUCT NAME$$ is a scam! Don’t buy until you read this!” websites. Ever read those? At the end they try and sell you whatever they originally claimed was a scam and you shouldn’t buy. Again… because of the big commissions they can get from it
  • Ever signed up for a newsletter on any internet marketing related site? Be prepared to get upto two or three emails every single day. Often they are really well Cheap Oakleys produced (maybe including links to a 20-30 minute video). But of course they are just trying to sell you crap.

All that is bulls**t. We struggled to find any website that dealt with internet marketing products that we felt was completely honest. So… here we are… making our own!

We both have years and years of experience with making money on the internet – mostly through affiliate marketing (which is slightly different than ‘internet marketing’, as internet marketing types love to deal with with things like sales funnels, email marketing etc.). We both have a background with programming/website development, but try and write on this website without getting too technical so it is easy to understand.

BTW – one thing we both strongly feel – internet marketing isn’t for people who don’t know how to run websites. If you don’t know what HTML, CSS, FTP, JS, jQuery, domains, wholesale jerseys name servers, dns, and know about stackoverflow.com etc are then take a basic course on setting up websites. It’ll help you SO much more. fake oakleys Then you can do exactly what you want, rather than having to google everything or find a message board and ask people ‘how do i change xxx on yyy?’… But maybe we’ll make a blog post about that one day.

About our site – Digital Products DB

Ok, enough about us! This website has one aim:

  • no bulls**t news, reviews, info and guides for internet marketing/affiliate marketing, with a focus on the product launches by many of the so called IM ‘gurus’ on the internet.

This site used to be run years ago (since 2010) by someone we both know, but he was getting rid of the domain so just transferred it all over to en us. So we started from scratch in May 2015 with a whole new site.

If you have questions just let us know. We ray ban sunglasses sale are here to help.

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