How To Cancel A Subscription For Something You Bought on Clickbank (Easy!) – For both subscriptions and memberships

This is just a quick short guide, incase you have problems using Clickbank’s cancel subscription process!

Clickbank sell thousands of products a day (mostly ebooks or courses). They are all digital, and a large percent are actually monthly subscriptions or trials that will ‘rebill’ a few days later for something much higher than the original sale price ($1 5 day trials will often rebill in 5 days at over $100!)

Luckily cancelling is easy, but I recommend you cancel a couple of days before the trial ends as for some reason cancelling isn’t instant. You have to wait for them to reply to you!

First, get your order number

When you purchase something you get an email like the following. Take note of the order number:

A screenshot from our order number when we bought Google Sniper 3. (Review coming soon!). Obviously we have blurred out our order number

Don’t have your order number?

If you don’t have that email you can still find it out. It will be on some bank statements, or the paypal invoice.

They have more details about how to find it on their site – go here and click ‘Find order #’

Now you have your order number:

Go here and enter your order number. You will then have to enter another bit of information to verify it is you – I just entered my email address.

You will then be shown a summary page. Click the Get Support button:

Click Get Support

On the next page you will see something like this. Select the cancel subscription or membership option:

Select Cancel Subscription or Membership option

And all done!


A couple of days later you’ll get an email like this:

The confirmation email 2 days later

And all is done. Clickbank are actually pretty good at handling any problems you have (they are SUPER easy to get a refund with. If you buy a crappy product via Clickbank and want a refund you can almost always get it, no questions asked.)

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