Welcome To Our Relaunched Site!

Welcome To Our Relaunched Site!

Digital Products DB has been running for years, but as of May 19 2015 it has officially relaunched. We have cleared all the old content, and are starting fresh!

Our Single Aim for this website:

We will give honest news, reviews, guides and info about digital products relating to internet marketing.

Why we are creating this site – and why we have NO affiliate links here:

90% of websites giving information about internet marketing are just trying to sell you something (even the ones that have “STOP! DON’T BUY $PRODUCTNAME, ITS A SCAM”. They still want to sell it to you.

We wanted to create a site that actually has honest advice and guidance that you can rely on and trust, so for this reasonĀ you will find NO affiliate links on this website. We talk, discuss and write about various products but we won’t be trying to get you to sign up to them.

We hope that by doing this that you can trust what we say. Although we have nothing published yet (this is the first post), we have some guides coming up soon relating to running your affiliate websites, running a network of blogs, etc. So stay tuned.

Love us? Join our newsletter. We don’t spam or send lots of useless crap – at all!

We would love it if you join our newsletter (we don’t spam you! We can barely find the time to write email newsletters for this site!). But we don’t blame you if you don’t join it. 99% of newsletters on anything remotely related to internet marketing or affiliate marketing send a million emails a week. If you trust us now to send you crap, join our newsletter!

Before we relaunched today this blog had sporadic updates every so often, with a bit of information here and there, mostly on old products that no one would want to read about anymore. So that is why we just cleared it all out and started from scratch.

Want to know more?


If you want to find out more about us please check out our About page. If you have any questions please get in touch on our contact page.

Very soon we will be updating the site with reviews of some of the most popular internet marketing ebooks/courses (we try and buy them ourselves, although we might ask sometimes for review copies but that won’t make us treat it any different).

Don’t forget to join our newsletter. We won’t spam you – just send you honest tips that help with internet marketing (especially relating to affiliate marketing and running your own affiliate websites).